One morning when I arrived at synagogue for my morning prayers, I found a piece of paper lying adjacent to my usual seat. This poem/song was printed on it.

I read it and immediately knew it was for me. —ef

Our Path by Danny Bassan

The light of the candle weakens in the light of the moon
Your hair is spilled on the pillow
In the window the treetops bloom and the quiet has returned
It shows in your smile

There was a storm, now it has passed
Your face is calm again, like the surface of the sea
With the light, we move on
The road is still long
The journey is not yet over

The path before us is not smooth, not smooth
And often your eyes are so sad
There are still more blooming fields ahead of us
More high mountains and crisp mountain peaks

Fragments of light in your tears
And a smile makes its way to me again
All the good is still in front of you
Put your head on my shoulder
Put your hand in mine

Soon the candle will cease to die
Soon the blessed tranquility will be defeated
Today?s chaos will begin to crack
You won?t go alone
I will be there with you