Nicole wrote this poem after a particularly poignant dream. The image of Rachaeli secretly running and playing resonates deeply as I try to envision how her soul dances while her body lies flaccid in my arms. —ef

The Dream by Nicole Fier


I had a dream last night, my love,
It tore my heart in two.
It brought such hope, unyielding glee,
I hardly believed it true.
I came home early from my work, my love,
And raced up to your room.
Your crib was empty, no noises heard,
I sensed impending doom.
Relieved I was to hear your giggle,
From under Shui?s bed.
One leg popped out, and then another,
And then you bumped your head.
You jumped right out and bounced around,
I caught you by surprise.
"You're home too soon, my silly Mommy,
You have to hide your eyes."
When I peeked again, there you were,
Lying in your crib.
Your head propped up, your body limp,
You could not lift your head.
But you stared at me with your knowing eyes,
As if you were generations old.
You let me in on a secret, my love,
Yet the details could not be told.

I love you, Rachaeli.