Saturday Night December 13, 2003

12/13/2003 9:41:33 PM

I led the davening [prayer service] at synagogue this morning. I tried to focus on the words as I sang, investing them with the painful newfound meaning they now possess. Afterwards, I let M.B. [a sensitive and spiritual friend] know that my daughter has Tay-Sachs. I remind her that when she met my daughter many months ago, she described her as an “old soul”. I asked her, today, what she meant. She says that you can look in the eyes of some people and simply see a depth; a depth that tells you that they have been here before.

I recall what M.K. said; that not everyone needs to be here for a lifetime. Some souls only need a couple of years to accomplish or complete their goals. Then, they are done. They need not stay longer than that. They have, during their short stay, achieved perfection. Perhaps Rachaeli’s old soul only needed 2 or 3 or 4 years to complete its mission. Then it will be ready to go. I think I find a bittersweet comfort here, as well.